Check of incoming goods and their assortment (visually at the buyer’s site, also laser testing before the delivery)
Selection of goods returned from the production line (at the buyer’s site or after the transport at our park

Rework procedures

Shaping of selected products by the customer’s requests.
  • deburring
  • tapping and thread cut,
  • soldering,
  • izing and calibration of metals and plastics.

Immediate help

There is a zero tolerance for making mistakes during the manufacturing and the suppliers are trying hard to meet the engagements but sometimes the tight deadlines can cause issues during the manufacturing and supplying. The suppliers with their cost-effectiveness and 100% use of warehouse capacity support the manufacturers and a little mistake can cause a big issue. Immediate help is needed to avoid the problem getting bigger and adequate professional help will avoid to spread the issue. High qualified professionals of Way of Cargo can help with similar problems too.

Production Support

It can be happen to illness or unplanned absences for several days or even several weeks a worker drops out of the production line. In this case not easy to replace, especially in the current labor shortage. We are able to provide service solutions in this scope as well. Whether you have been able to start within 24h an experienced operator, who can work up promptly beyond product specifications dissemination of internal process control. (For more information, please contact us.)

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